Custom drawn location maps help your readers focus on a destination.
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 10:08AM
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AFTER: Custom vector maps show specific locations of interest

BEFORE: Maps downloaded from the web show lots of details but miss out on highlighting key properties. Weston map data © 2012 Google. Brickell map data © 2012 Google, Sanborn.

A custom drawn map is more than a pretty picture, especially when you’d like to help your audience focus on a specific destination or location.

If the location you’d like to show is big (a city, for example), an illustrated map can include the most important roadways and points of reference and omit those that are unnecessary.

This has become useful in many industries and we frequently create custom vector maps for areas that range from a small city block, to a group of Islands, in order to help audiences visualize destinations.

Full navigation maps in your GPS can help you “get there” with precision, while an illustrated map, can give a reader a sense of overall location, without overwhelming detail. As an added bonus, an illustrated map can be “branded” in style, color and overall look, so that it becomes a unique an integral part of your business’ proposition and not just “something downloaded from the web”.

Vector maps can be fully edited, which makes them extremely practical visual solutions.

In real estate this can be of extreme value as it allows an agent, firm or developer to showcase the location of specific properties. KoRes Corp, a well known Florida-based real estate company, has understood this and have begun to include custom maps in their Premium Property Brochures, such as the two examples on this post, highlighting featured developments in Brickell, as well as commercial suites in Weston.

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