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Natalia Rodriguez.

Natalia is the principal of Studiorod and has worked in the creative field for over 14 years. She has a passion for good design, typography and art. A perfectionist at heart, she takes care of the small details of every piece and approaches design and marketing challenges with intelligence and love.

A talented graphic designer, art director, illustrator and project manager, she works with a network of specialists, from web developers to photographers to make each project a reality.

With an insatiable curiosity for other cultures, she draws inspiration from her worldwide travels, good books, the peace of yoga and can always be found with a sketchbook on her to make sure the latest idea goes on paper wherever she may be.


Alberto Orsini.

Alberto Orsini is Studiorod’s senior web developer, a creative professional focused on building brands and websites for clients worldwide. Educated in graphic design—but driven by his curiosity for new technologies—Alberto has worked with different mediums and applications to produce sophisticated designs that are applied across a variety platforms and devices.

In recent years his focus has shifted towards gaining deeper knowledge and expertise in website design and development. Application concepts have gown into a profound passion that is visible throughout his projects. True to his graphic design background, Alberto stays current with trends and styles affecting fast-paced markets. The key to his work is his strong belief in versatility, and the ever important sense of aesthetics.