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A periodical newsletter is a great tool to keep clients engaged with you, informed and aware of new opportunities

Now on its second year, Churchill Yacht Partners’ “Charter News” newsletter continues to be a great way to stay connected with existing and potential clients, communicating new vacation opportunities and keeping people engaged with Churchill from season-to-season.

Tips for creating a successful newsletter:

  • Consistency is key. Decide on a schedule and stick to it so that your effort is worthwhile. It could be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even bi-annual depending on what suits you. Churchill does a quarterly schedule.
  • Provide relevant content that your audience is interested in. Churchill offers unique yacht charter itineraries that get people dreaming of their next vacation, as well as activity calendars for important seasonal destinations.
  • Make it visually appealing. Your newsletter should be well designed and beautiful. Churchill features gorgeous photography that covers both destinations and yachting lifestyles. They also showcase custom drawn maps that help transport readers to their island-hopping adventures. 
  • Keep it practical to deliver. A 6x11 folded size is larger more unique than traditional letter, but still remains practical and affordable to mail. 
  • Offer options for direct mail and online viewing. While clients love to hold the printed newsletter and may event write over maps or calendars, it’s useful to provide online access too. Check out the Issuu version below and flip through the pages.


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