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New website design for 116' charter yacht Whisper

We recently wrapped-up the web design for the beautiful 116' Holland Jachtbouw Sloop Whisper. This stunning sailing yacht was in need of a new site to help them promote luxury charter vacations. Among their most important web design requirements:

• A clean, beautifully designed site, that was easy to read and navigate
• An easy to manage website that was simple to update by the client
• A broker-friendly website that any charter agent worldwide could share with clients without broker specific information being on the site
• An image oriented website that was easy to view on any device
• A blog integrated to the website for news and updates

Thanks to our extensive experience on yacht website design and through a strong collaboration with the yacht's management team, we quickly designed a structure that included 8 basic sections: from the introduction to the history of the yacht, technical details & specifications, activities & dining, favorite destinations, a complete photo gallery, crew page, and blog.

The charter-focused website includes interesting features such as:
Custom-drawn vector deck plans: showing the most important areas of the yacht to potential charter guests.
Favorite cruising itineraries: displayed as blog entries and also offered as downloadable PDFs that guests can keep on file.
Digital brochure: A professionally-designed interactive 8-page yacht charter brochure that readers can flip-through online, or download to keep.




The team at Churchill Yacht Partners was instrumental in coordinating the project. The yacht photography by renowned Billy Black was a visual treat to work with. You can visit the site at:

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Proud to present the new website design for the beautiful charter yacht 130' Westport Arioso.

Motoryacht Arioso is a 130' (39m) Westport available for charter. Arioso came to us looking to design and build a website that was easy to use, image oriented, and that would provide potential guests, as well as other charter agents, with a flair for what a luxury vacation on board would be like.

Arioso has a very special crew that truly embodies the high level of service and attention that private charters are all about and their feedback was paramount to the design of the site. It was after hearing from them that we developed 3 key sections covering some of the aspects that guests are most interested in: Activities, Relaxation and Cuisine.

The Arioso website design also features traditional sections such as specifications, photo and video galleries, online brochure and full crew page.

The Arioso blog is perhaps one of our favorite areas of the site as the crew have been keen to contribute to this unique and very fun space. From the Diaries of a Stewardess, where the chief stew narrates a day in her life and how she comes up with lots of special touches for the guests, to the chef’s delicious recipes, to the captain’s suggested itineraries, and finally the amazing yacht photography by engineer Leon, a visit to this blog is sure to leave you daydreaming and wishing you were onboard.

We are extremely grateful to all the crew, and to Lara Jo Lewis-Houghting at Churchill Yacht Partners who coordinated the project. Their motivation, insights, contributions and perfect organization were structural to the website’s success. You can visit the site at:

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QR codes in advertising for charter yachts and management services offer quick links to online info.

In advertising consistency and frequency are key to success. Churchill Yacht Partners knows this and presents quarterly spreads in the Charter Index Guide, a high-end luxury magazine well known amongst yachting industry professionals.

The most recent Summer ad features four highlighted yachts, each complete with an individual QR code so readers can get online details on each vessel right away.

The ad is eye-catching thanks in part to Churchill’s unique color palette of orange, teals and dark greens, and the New England inspired photography helps bring everything together nicely.

This advertisement works in combination with Churchill’s previous ads in the same publication. 

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A periodical newsletter is a great tool to keep clients engaged with you, informed and aware of new opportunities

Now on its second year, Churchill Yacht Partners’ “Charter News” newsletter continues to be a great way to stay connected with existing and potential clients, communicating new vacation opportunities and keeping people engaged with Churchill from season-to-season.

Tips for creating a successful newsletter:

  • Consistency is key. Decide on a schedule and stick to it so that your effort is worthwhile. It could be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even bi-annual depending on what suits you. Churchill does a quarterly schedule.
  • Provide relevant content that your audience is interested in. Churchill offers unique yacht charter itineraries that get people dreaming of their next vacation, as well as activity calendars for important seasonal destinations.
  • Make it visually appealing. Your newsletter should be well designed and beautiful. Churchill features gorgeous photography that covers both destinations and yachting lifestyles. They also showcase custom drawn maps that help transport readers to their island-hopping adventures. 
  • Keep it practical to deliver. A 6x11 folded size is larger more unique than traditional letter, but still remains practical and affordable to mail. 
  • Offer options for direct mail and online viewing. While clients love to hold the printed newsletter and may event write over maps or calendars, it’s useful to provide online access too. Check out the Issuu version below and flip through the pages.


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Effective advertising for luxury yacht charter marketing firm displays their fleet and popular destinations with a Mediterranean flair.

Today we feature the most recent advertising spread created for Churchill Yacht Partners and featured in the Charter Index Guide, a very popular publication amongst industry specialists such as charter professionals.

  • The ad showcases a few select yachts that are being promoted for the Med charter season and highlights their most important characteristics.
  • It gives a Mediterranean flair through the use of vibrant photography of popular destinations such as Venice, Cinque-Terre, the Côte d’Azur, Croatia and Greece.
  • Intelligent use of space allows for a complete listing of their fleet with key specs.
  • QR codes allow readers with smart phones to get more information on a particular yacht by visiting their individual websites.

This advertisement is part of Churchill’s coherent marketing strategy to promote their yachts for the Med yachting season and it works well with other pieces such as their Mediterranean postcard.

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