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Classic and elegant yacht builder brochure design for Horizon Yachts.

We’re very proud to have worked with Horizon Yachts and alongside their teams in Florida and Taiwan to accomplish the design, creation and production of their latest Corporate Catalog and Model Brochure.

The 44-page catalog showcases the Horizon history, philosophy, and luxury lifestyle through photography and design and it introduces the 8 series that Horizon currently manufactures, ranging from impressive worldwide explorers to elegant megayachts, fun catamarans, a couple of solar powered boats, a sportfish model and everything in between. 

The classic brochure layout features ample negative space and beautiful images that become the true focus of every spread. For this piece we were fortunate to count with the copywriting talents of the well respected writer Rebecca Cahilly, contributing editor at Boat International Media. Her special touch with words gave a fresh voice to Horizon and helped tell a truly compelling story.

A well-known and respected Asian boat builder, Horizon is committed to creating dream yachts for owners worldwide, this catalog, which can be viewed in full as an online Flip Book, offers an initial glimpse of The Horizon Experience.

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A vast collection of nearly 60 fabulous luxury yacht brochures

I was recently asked how many yacht brochures had I designed over the years. 
—Do you want a laundry list? I asked.
—Yes, please. We'll probably know a few!

So here’s a quick list of almost 60 yacht brochures I have designed over time. These are not all of them, but it’ll give you an idea for our experience with yachts. I have added links to the online flipbooks on Issuu, for those available. I am in the process of uploading more of these and will update this post whenever additional links are available for online viewing. Until then, enjoy this collection of high-end yacht brochures designed for charter and for sale.

  1. 200' Feadship MY Majestic
  2. 199' Feadship MY Méduse
  3. 198' Feadship MY Blue Moon
  4. 197' Oceanco MY Pegasus
  5. 193' JK Smit Holland MY Dolce Far Niente
  6. 186' Kingship MY Silver Sword
  7. 185' Feadship MY Barbara Jean
  8. 183' Coastal Marine Expedition MY Alucia
  9. 180' Trinity MY Mia Elise
  10. 169' Oceanco MY Lazy Z
  11. 165' Feadship MY Blue Moon
  12. 164' Westport MY H5005 Lady Kathryn IV
  13. 164' Westport MY Evviva
  14. 164' Codecasa MY Andale
  15. 161' Trinity MY Destination Fox Harb’r Too
  16. 161' Trinity MY Anjilis
  17. 157' Trinity MY Mustang Sally
  18. 155' Christensen MY Silver Lining
  19. 154' Kingship MY Genesis II
  20. 154' Delta MY Mr. Terrible
  21. 153' Feadship MY Detroit Eagle
  22. 152' Feadship MY Audacia
  23. 151' Hakvoort MY Flamingo Daze
  24. 151' Takoma MY Elle
  25. 150' Christensen Ionian Princes
  26. 143' Westport Global Response Cutter
  27. 142' Palmer Johnson MY Pure Bliss
  28. 139' Abeking & Rasmussen MY SoTaj
  29. 138' Sterling Japan MY Maverick
  30. 135' Lürssen MY Blind Date
  31. 133' Cantieri Navale MY Talon
  32. 130' Westport MY H4001 Lady Michelle
  33. 130' Hatteras MY Charisma
  34. 124' Hakvoort MY Perle Bleue
  35. 123' Palmer Johnson MY Finish Line
  36. 123' Oceanco MY Caprice
  37. 120' Feadship MY Emerald K
  38. 112' Denison MY Celebration
  39. 109' Hargrave MY La Dolce Vita
  40. 108' Westship MY Therapy
  41. 108' Mangusta MY Lady Sheila
  42. 106' Lazzara MY Impulse
  43. 106' Holland Jachtbouw SY Christoffel’s Lighthouse
  44. 106' Holland Jachtbouw SY Carl Linné
  45. 105' Baia MY Ivana
  46. 103' Broward MY Lady Andrea
  47. 100' Hargrave MY La Marchesa
  48. 100' Hargrave MY King Baby
  49. 98' MCP Yachts MY Eagle’s Nest
  50. 97' Hargrave MY Gigi
  51. 96' Westship MY Serenity Now
  52. 96' Doggersbank Offshore Expedition MY C1
  53. 96' Doggersbank Offshore Expedition MY Qué Será
  54. 93' Hargrave MY Lady DeAnne
  55. 88' Rayburn Custom MY Lady Victoria
  56. 84' Hargrave MY Mar Azul
  57. 82' Burger MY Good Times
  58. 75' Molokai Strait Expedition MY
  59. 58' Little Harbor SY Carmella


  • In addition to the above, we have also designed brochures for well known yacht builders such as Horizon Yachts, Westport Yachts, Outer Reef Yachts, as well as Catalogues for Yacht Charter Collections for companies such as ShowBoats Magazine, International Yacht Collection and Fraser Yachts.
  • Some of these brochures date back a few years and names or exact sizes may have changed after a sale or a refit. We have used the data corresponding to the time when the brochure was created.

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Beautiful yacht catalogue designed for Outer Reef Yachts.

World-class yacht builders generally rely on a combination of fabulous websites and beautiful, high-end, luxurious brochures to promote their yacht lines amongst current and prospective clients, and there is nothing like a well-designed printed brochure, filled with gorgeous photos to represent the most amazing yachts out there.

The 54-page design created for Outer Reef Yachts features various sections that take the reader’s hand through a guided tour of the company’s history and mission, current technology, and finally a breathtaking yacht portfolio of Long Range Motoryacht models from 58' to 86'. 

The minimalist design, coupled with an elegant color palette of cream, navy and metallic bronze set a classic nautical tone for this high-end brochure that feels like a coffee-table book.

This brochure can be viewed in full as an online Flip Book and it was designed for Outer Reef Yachts via Laser Advertising.

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Top 5 reasons why a trifold brochure resolves some of Horizon’s Boat Show marketing needs.  


There are many ways to go about Boat Show marketing. From high-end oversized luxury brochures and catalogues, to giveaways such as hats, pens, fans and tote bags. Regardless of their chosen promotional efforts, most Boat Show exhibitors need some form of printed literature to hand out. We helped Horizon Yachts create this trifold brochure for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and these are some of the reasons it was a great solution: 

  1. SIZE: At 9" width x 6" height, the brochure is easy to carry. This piece is not too big or heavy for clients spending the day at the Show. 
  2. ORGANIZATION: The 6 individual panels allow for the information to be divided in a logical way. Each panel features 2 yacht series.
  3. QUICK OVERVIEW: While the piece is small, it gives a quick overview of the various styles Horizon is building and of the models available in each series.
  4. BRANDING: The brochure retains the Horizon look & style and is easily identified with the Horizon brand.
  5. COST-EFFECTIVE: A trifold brochure is an affordable solution that can be printed in high quantities to hand out to a large Boat Show audience. 

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Creating a new line of model brochures for Horizon Yachts.

We're developing a new line of model brochures for Horizon Yachts. The brochures showcase high quality images of each yacht model and feature extensive and detailed specifications on each vessel. The 4-Page catalogues are easy to create, and with the current digital workflow and printing, we can produce small quantities at reasonable prices to distribute at Boat Shows and special events. The E88 is the first in a series of 3 which were shared at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. 

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