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We're back! Minimalist postcard design shows that less can be more.

This elegant postcard design promotes Horizon’s presence at Spring Boat Shows. 

First and foremost and apology to our readers as the last couple of months were super busy and we neglected our blog a little. We’re back and re-energized and ready to share a few of the designs and promotions that have kept us occupied.

With a clean and elegant postcard design, Horizon promotes its presence and invites guests and clients to the Spring boat shows in Miami and Palm Beach, Florida. 

The minimalist approach showcases the Horizon quality and lifestyle, while proving that less can be more. An uncluttered layout with ample white space allows readers to focus on the brand name and the stunning yacht photography and offers a peaceful parenthesis in an otherwise busy mailbox, subtly beckoning the attention of readers.

The 6x9 postcard design is a breeze to mail, the overall gloss uv varnish on the front makes for a shiny presentation, while the plain finish on the back is perfect for addressing and postage.

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New ad campaign for the Horizon EP148 introduces new adventure yacht with creative visuals

Advertising a brand new yacht always presents an interesting challenge to builders, the sales team and the marketing and design experts, especially when the campaign must be launched a few weeks before the yacht is fully photographed.

Such was the task at hand with the new Horizon EP148, an adventure-style luxury megayacht, fully Ice classed and capable of sailing to remote and hard-to-access destinations worldwide.

A combination of approximately 7–8 different images and renderings were utilized in order to visually transport the rendering of the EP148 to a beautiful location with an inspiring backdrop of icy mountains, pristine waters, and bright blue skies. Extensive photo retouching can do wonders to communicate an idea, particularly when the original pieces or “image-building-blocks” are all of the highest quality. 

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Top 5 reasons why a trifold brochure resolves some of Horizon’s Boat Show marketing needs.  


There are many ways to go about Boat Show marketing. From high-end oversized luxury brochures and catalogues, to giveaways such as hats, pens, fans and tote bags. Regardless of their chosen promotional efforts, most Boat Show exhibitors need some form of printed literature to hand out. We helped Horizon Yachts create this trifold brochure for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and these are some of the reasons it was a great solution: 

  1. SIZE: At 9" width x 6" height, the brochure is easy to carry. This piece is not too big or heavy for clients spending the day at the Show. 
  2. ORGANIZATION: The 6 individual panels allow for the information to be divided in a logical way. Each panel features 2 yacht series.
  3. QUICK OVERVIEW: While the piece is small, it gives a quick overview of the various styles Horizon is building and of the models available in each series.
  4. BRANDING: The brochure retains the Horizon look & style and is easily identified with the Horizon brand.
  5. COST-EFFECTIVE: A trifold brochure is an affordable solution that can be printed in high quantities to hand out to a large Boat Show audience. 

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Creating a new line of model brochures for Horizon Yachts.

We're developing a new line of model brochures for Horizon Yachts. The brochures showcase high quality images of each yacht model and feature extensive and detailed specifications on each vessel. The 4-Page catalogues are easy to create, and with the current digital workflow and printing, we can produce small quantities at reasonable prices to distribute at Boat Shows and special events. The E88 is the first in a series of 3 which were shared at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. 

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