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Designing artwork for Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale

We’re very proud to share some of the design work we’ve recently done for Whole Foods Market for the Fort Lauderdale store. Our first project was the design of the Core Values graphic which included the 7 values and chalk-style illustrations (this is a fairly huge graphic that is displayed on a wall about 28 ft width x 5 ft height). The guidelines behind the artwork involved creating a look with a vintage, old-style inspiration, earthy colors, slightly distressed type, and a hand-crafted style. One of the most interesting aspects of the project was the combination of creative freedom and concept that each individual store has, along with maintaining the guidelines of their brand and corporate identity. The design process was fun every step of the way and we were privileged to work with such a creative and dedicated team.

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A festive and party-themed catalogue design for Brydens Trinidad.

A favorite fun project of ours is the Brydens Trinidad new year catalogue design and this year was no exception. The 2013 edition called for a contemporary and modern design that played on the theme of “Celebration”. Brydens is a well established wholesale distributor of Spirits & Wines and their Trinidad branch has relied on Studiorod over the past few years to create the concept that launches the new year products.

We worked closely with the fabulous Brydens’ marketing team in order to come up with a festive design that would evoke a feeling of parties and good times, with a high-end elegant flair.

Once the concept was established, we provided Brydens with the tools and elements necessary to implement the design throughout their 2013 marketing materials, and we’re already looking for inspiration for next year.

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Five tips on Thank You cards and how to say Thanks.

A proper thank you is always welcome, it leaves a mark of appreciation, kindness and civility, and in or hurried lifestyles, it is something that we should make the effort to do. Here are some ideas:

  1. Make the time to say thanks: whether it’s a written note, email, phone call or even a text message, take some time to say thanks when thanks are due.
  2. Handwrite them: while it may sound old-style, a classic written thank you always makes a good impression.
  3. Have some thank you cards or stationery ready: this will motivate you to write them quickly and easily.
  4. Use thank you cards as a branding opportunity: invest in custom thank you cards or compliment cards for your company and use them to subtly emphasize your brand.
  5. Tell people why you are thanking them: everyone loves to hear how they have been able to make a difference. So a little reminder of what they’ve done is a great way to start saying thanks.

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7 Tips - How to create an attractive interactive presentation in Power Point or similar program. 

Almost everyone needs to create a Power Point or similarly interactive presentation at one time or another. While a professional design that strengthens the branding of your company is a great way to accomplish a dynamic and great looking presentation, here are some tips that can be applied to presentations created in-house to make non-designers look very good: 

  1. Use a template: this will help all your slides and pages look similar and part of the same presentation.
  2. Limit the use of colors: use your corporate colors and maybe a couple of highlight colors, but no more than 3-4 colors throughout the presentation.
  3. Limit the use of fonts: select a couple of good working fonts, a bold one for headlines and a lighter one for text and stick with those. 
  4. Limit the use of font sizes: Select a size for headlines and a size for text and don’t alter sizes throughout the presentation to “fill space”. Consistency is the key to looking professional.
  5. Resist the urge to try all the special effects: an elegant presentation uses a transition between slides and another for animated images or text, but be consistent with the effects. If you try them all, your presentation may start to look like an amateur wedding video. So unless you have a specifically cool reason to do it, exercise some "animation control".
  6. Do not distort images or logos: If you enlarge or reduce the size of an image, be sure to do so proportionally. Squeezing an element horizontally or vertically to fill a space only creates a strange-looking and generally unattractive graphic. Never ever distort your logo.
  7. If possible, invest in having a custom template created for your company, over which you can build your future presentations with ease and style.

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