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In memory of my dear friend and yacht photographer Marc Paris.

It has been almost a month since I was sad to learn that my dear friend Marc Paris had passed away in a tragic ultra-light plane accident in Turkey. In the weeks that have followed I’ve thought of Marc often and amidst the sadness of knowing that I won’t get to see him again, are the smiles brought by every memory of him.

Marc and I met around 1999–2000. At the time, he worked with a few printers in Italy who produced projects I had designed, he was a sort of print-broker who absolutely loved seeing a well printed piece come out of the press. I went to Italy twice to do press-checks with him and each time was an unforgettable adventure.

Marc had a special way of living life, and nothing was ever an obstacle between him and a good time. What started as a press-check trip, ended as a weekend in Tuscany. What started as a morning coffee, ended as a late night affair with a traditional Italian dinner three towns away. What started as a business relation between a printer and a young designer, ended with a summer vacation in Italy where he hosted me and my sisters and helped us have a grand time.

Over the years that followed we met repeatedly anywhere between Brescia and Fort Lauderdale. Each time, he greeted me with a giant smile and a super hug.

He was extremely generous at heart and was always keen to show me the best of everything, and yes, often times this got in the way of the practical aspects of life: deadlines, meeting times, and other such “minor” issues. Once, I was having dinner with Marc in Las Olas when he ran out to “meet someone”. After 15 minutes or so, he came back, sat with me briefly, and then ran out again. Only then did I realize he was having 2 dinners at once, at separate restaurants, just like Mrs. Doubtfire! Such was his desire to do everything and please everyone.

On another occasion he’d wanted to show me his favorite French restaurant in Fort Lauderdale: “Sage”, and upon realizing it was closed, he proceeded to call and plead with his old friend “Chef Laurent” to kindly open up for us “even if only for some wine and cheese”, which he did, just for Marc Paris. 

How did he manage to have a friend everywhere, in every corner of the world? Over time, I found the answer on my own.

In recent years I was extremely happy to see Marc put his amazing photography skills to work for the Yachting industry, this seemed to give him a special kind of focus, pride and happiness. His work was fabulous time and again, and although his pricing was (as he himself mentioned) controversial—how could he do such good photos for so little money?—the quality of his images was unquestionably fantastic.

—What are you doing to get such good pictures? I asked him just a few months ago. His reply was a mix of strategies, which had less to do with the technical aspects of photography and more to do with his approach to life. The answer lay somewhere between shooting from a Parasail to get aerials when a helicopter was not available, waking up at 4am to catch the perfect first ray of Caribbean sunlight, and convincing the crew to wake up with him to get the yacht dressed up and ready. 

I’m not exactly sure how this “convincing” happened, but the truth is that his latest work was absolutely gorgeous, and he made sure to thank the wonderful crew members of every yacht he photographed at each possible opportunity.

Amidst the crazy-busy lives we lead, we often conduct business a little coldheartedly. Clients and vendors are numbers, services, prices, estimates and invoices. I think that beyond a businessman Marc was a nice guy. He stopped to look warmly into people, he talked and listened to them, he truly enjoyed good company and tried to make all around him smile. 

When I once asked him about his history he told me had been born in Tunisia, but grew up largely in France and after a few years in the US, he finally settled in Italy. And yet, I actually believe he was a traveler by definition and never really “settled” as such. His accent was mostly french, and over the last few weeks when I close my eyes, I can hear his deep voice, the voice of an avid smoker, saying “I’m an ‘appy’ man”... he never really pronounced the “h”, but happy he was. That thought makes me smile.

Marc was full of life, passion, friendship and warmth, and although I will always miss him, I hope to have learned to live a little more fully and have a little more fun through his enduring example.


An oversized trade show display graphic designed for DHL Aviation.

The design of high-end tradeshow graphics, presents a unique challenge that we love to approach, and we recently had a fabulous opportunity to create an amazing backdrop for the Plantation, Florida team of DHL Aviation.

At over 20ft width x almost 10ft height, the sheer size of the graphic was a breathtaking sight for visitors to their booth at a well known Panama trade show.

One of the main design considerations was showcasing DHL’s powerful fleet of aircraft, providing a glimpse of the shipping process for people attending the trade show. This branch of DHL specializes in offering freight transportation solutions worldwide, and ships unusual items such as perishables, live animals, dangerous goods, press products, race cars and more.

The photo research was paramount in accomplishing a successful display design and we worked to locate the perfect images to illustrate the group’s services, while complying with DHL’s strict corporate guidelines. They were extremely happy with the results and subsequently asked us to do a Holiday Card Design for their team.

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Classic and elegant yacht builder brochure design for Horizon Yachts.

We’re very proud to have worked with Horizon Yachts and alongside their teams in Florida and Taiwan to accomplish the design, creation and production of their latest Corporate Catalog and Model Brochure.

The 44-page catalog showcases the Horizon history, philosophy, and luxury lifestyle through photography and design and it introduces the 8 series that Horizon currently manufactures, ranging from impressive worldwide explorers to elegant megayachts, fun catamarans, a couple of solar powered boats, a sportfish model and everything in between. 

The classic brochure layout features ample negative space and beautiful images that become the true focus of every spread. For this piece we were fortunate to count with the copywriting talents of the well respected writer Rebecca Cahilly, contributing editor at Boat International Media. Her special touch with words gave a fresh voice to Horizon and helped tell a truly compelling story.

A well-known and respected Asian boat builder, Horizon is committed to creating dream yachts for owners worldwide, this catalog, which can be viewed in full as an online Flip Book, offers an initial glimpse of The Horizon Experience.

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A festive and party-themed catalogue design for Brydens Trinidad.

A favorite fun project of ours is the Brydens Trinidad new year catalogue design and this year was no exception. The 2013 edition called for a contemporary and modern design that played on the theme of “Celebration”. Brydens is a well established wholesale distributor of Spirits & Wines and their Trinidad branch has relied on Studiorod over the past few years to create the concept that launches the new year products.

We worked closely with the fabulous Brydens’ marketing team in order to come up with a festive design that would evoke a feeling of parties and good times, with a high-end elegant flair.

Once the concept was established, we provided Brydens with the tools and elements necessary to implement the design throughout their 2013 marketing materials, and we’re already looking for inspiration for next year.

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Self Promo lecture to Advertising students at FIU is inspiring and entertaining.  


Last week we were proud and happy to accept the invitation of FIU’s (Florida International University) Professor Margo Berman to chat to her Advertising students about Self Promotion. Professor Berman is an advertising and marketing expert, a creative genius and a fascinating educator, as well as the author of 3 well known advertising books: 

Needless to say, it was an honor to participate in her class. Her students were motivated, inspiring and full of interesting questions, and it all began with a smile during the “swearing-ceremony” at the start of class, where all students must raise their right hands and repeat a small bit along the lines of: “For the duration of this lecture, I swear to stay off all electronic devices, refrain from chatting with my fellow students, pay attention to the speaker and ask good questions”.

It made me think we should have similar “promises” or “commitments” made before starting meetings, phone conferences and the like, to get the rules down.

We organized the lecture into a few chapters: First we did a brief portfolio showcase

  • Then we discussed the Studiorod case study, detailing how we’ve approached self-promotion over the last couple years
  • Finally, we shared our top self-promotion tips and ideas, from the list of pieces we believe to be the “Must Haves” for students starting-out, to actual samples of successful self-promos from specific businesses and designers. 


The feedback from the students was absolutely fantastic and we look forward to sharing with Margo’s next class in the near future. In the meantime, you can download a couple of free-and-useful items here:

Thanks very much to Professor Berman and her class for such a great opportunity to share with her class.

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