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What logo file formats do I need?

A question I often get from business owners and marketing people is: what format do I need my logo in? or what should I get from my logo designer?

While every project is different and specific concepts and effects may require a unique approach, what follows is a quick guide of what we consider to be the most typical file formats in logo design, and the ones that we normally provide. Keep in mind that certain applications require specific formats, so you should keep the various formats on file.

.PDF = Portable Document Format
This is the format we use to share all design proofs via email throughout the creative process.

.AI = Adobe Illustrator / .EPS = Encapsulated Postcript 
Vector based format
This file can be enlarged without limitations or loss of quality. It is the preferred format by most printers and graphic professionals, and the best format for any high quality printing. It is also the most flexible format. Once you have a vector file, you can resave it into most other formats. While you might not be able to open it if you don’t have the necessary “vector” software, you can forward this format to any vendors who request it.

.JPG = Compressed Image File
Rasterized. Can be saved in high resolution
This file cannot be made any larger than the original without loss of quality (we normally provide final JPGs at about 7” wide at 300 dpi). It’s a very convenient format to open, as you do not need any specialized software. If you enlarge it more than appropriate, you will loose quality. This file is perfect for websites, web banners, social media, emailing, and general screen or desktop use such as Power Point Presentations, Word documents, etc. Wondering what does JPG mean? It’s an acronym for the Joint Photographic Experts Group who created this format. 

.PNG = Portable Network Graphics
Similar to the JPG, but this file supports transparencies more easily. If properly created, this format can be useful when trying to place your logo over a non-white background.

.GIF = Graphics Interchange Format
A gif is a bitmap image format which only supports limited colors and quality, so it should only be used for simple web applications. We normally use it for a website’s favicon, the little/miniature logo or icon that appears on your web browser, next to the url.

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Beautiful yacht catalogue designed for Outer Reef Yachts.

World-class yacht builders generally rely on a combination of fabulous websites and beautiful, high-end, luxurious brochures to promote their yacht lines amongst current and prospective clients, and there is nothing like a well-designed printed brochure, filled with gorgeous photos to represent the most amazing yachts out there.

The 54-page design created for Outer Reef Yachts features various sections that take the reader’s hand through a guided tour of the company’s history and mission, current technology, and finally a breathtaking yacht portfolio of Long Range Motoryacht models from 58' to 86'. 

The minimalist design, coupled with an elegant color palette of cream, navy and metallic bronze set a classic nautical tone for this high-end brochure that feels like a coffee-table book.

This brochure can be viewed in full as an online Flip Book and it was designed for Outer Reef Yachts via Laser Advertising.

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QR codes in advertising for charter yachts and management services offer quick links to online info.

In advertising consistency and frequency are key to success. Churchill Yacht Partners knows this and presents quarterly spreads in the Charter Index Guide, a high-end luxury magazine well known amongst yachting industry professionals.

The most recent Summer ad features four highlighted yachts, each complete with an individual QR code so readers can get online details on each vessel right away.

The ad is eye-catching thanks in part to Churchill’s unique color palette of orange, teals and dark greens, and the New England inspired photography helps bring everything together nicely.

This advertisement works in combination with Churchill’s previous ads in the same publication. 

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Trade show display design for yacht transport company successfully communicates their strength to Boat Show visitors.

A 10-square foot display is a popular and unique space at a Trade Show or Boat Show where you can provide a bit of knowledge about your business to current customers, potential clients and passersby.

YachtPath–a company that specializes in the safe transoceanic transport of large yachts—understood this and wanted to make the most out of their existing pop-up display structure with fresh new graphics for their Spring–Summer Boat Shows.

These are some of our key tips for a successful trade show display design, which YachtPath implemented:

  • Use a clean uncluttered design that’s easy on the eye of visitors to the booth. Remember that they’re looking at plenty of other items during the day, so stay away from what could be visually overwhelming.
  • Let the photographs do the talking, especially when people cannot see your product or service at the Show. Big, colorful and impressive images speak for themselves.
  • Use copy sparingly to communicate the main services or advantages of your business.
  • Brand intelligently so that your booth, brochures, website, etc, will look like they are all part of the same family and will be easily remembered. 

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How to promote the US yachting industry?

The US Superyacht Association has been working with Studiorod to create and strengthen their brand over the last couple of years. Most recently they have focused their efforts on a new campaign “Come Sea U.S.” to promote the yachting industry in the United States. This post features their latest full page advertisement.  

  • The ad invites readers to the US through beautiful US related images, and a light American flair.
  • It promotes the yachting industry and the jobs it represents, from shipyards with projects underway, to the work of industry professionals.
  • An integrated QR code takes readers to the Come Sea U.S. home page for additional details.
  • The travel inspired design uses fun graphic elements that tie together with other pieces of their marketing, like their Membership Directory

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